A custom footprint for your unique outdoor living space.

At Your Deck Company, not only to we love the low maintenance aspect of today’s decking materials, we love the versatility that synthetic decking products have to offer. If you want to really add a flair of excellence and interest to your deck project, curved decking, borders and curved railings are the perfect addition to your deck. Decks today come in so many shapes, sizes and colours. It’s no wonder the good life is so much better outside. In fact, it’s a lifestyle that Your Deck Company has perfected. We will use our decades of experience in deck design and dedication to create your personal outdoor oasis.

Image of a custom curved Trex deck with a built in circular hot tub. Crafted by Your Deck Company in Markham
Image of a deck with curves and multiple levels. Trex Spiced rum decking and a custom stone privacy wall
Image of a elevated deck with custom curved Trex Transcend deck railing built in Stouffville Ontario
Trex deck railing with a custom curve
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Enhancement With Curves.

With such a wide variety of materials and design choices available, it is nice to know that Your Deck Company is not limited to just creating a standard square deck. Adding a few curves to your deck or perhaps a curved staircase adds a beautiful elegance to any deck design. With our knowledge, experience and design creativity, we can create a deck that will suit your lifestyle and stand out from the crowd. We are fully equipped with all the latest equipment for curving today’s low maintenance decking and railing products. Additionally if you are thinking of curving a wood deck, we are equipped for that as well. When it comes to curved decking and railing, we are the experts. We have been crafting unique curved decks and railings in wood, composite and PVC for several decades.


  • How tight of a radius can we have?

    At Your Deck Company we have constructed projects with a radius as small as 4ft. Now that is a tight radius for curved decking. That being said, more commonly we would see a radius in the range of 9 feet and larger that would lend to a more sweeping design and flow.

  • Does it take a long time to create curves?

    Yes. Adding curves to a project can take much longer to create than a standard deck without curves. Building a deck with curves is a task that requires a higher skill level and can be quite time consuming. From curving the framework, staircases, railing, borders and trims, these items can add a considerable amount of labour to a project.

  • Can you curve the railing too?

    Yes, some products to have radius limitations. That being said we will guide you towards the right products that are suited for creating a spectacular curved deck.  At Your Deck Company, we are equipped to create curved decking and railing using a wide variety of materials.

  • How much do curves add to the price of a deck?

    Curved decks demand a much higher skill level and complexity. Increased labour and material costs are to be expected. Every curved deck is different and in the case of curved decking we have decades of experience. The Your Deck Company team has a deep history creating curved decks and understands all of the proper framing techniques required. As a result, these techniques will protect your investment and create a deck to last.

  • Do curves require special equipment?

    Yes. Curving wood or today’s low maintenance decking products both require specialized equipment. Mostly today we focus our efforts on low maintenance synthetic decking and we are equipped with several specialized sets of equipment to assist us with the curving of these specialized materials.

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