Composite Decking. Toronto’s and York Regions Preferred Low Maintenance Deck Material.

If your family wants the best, longest lasting, most durable, lowest maintenance composite decking and decking systems in Toronto, you want Trex. Choose the whole Trex package and get everything you want, no compromises.

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An image of a deck finished using Trex RainEscape with a Cedar ceiling and pillars
Trex RainEscape Image of a deck under construction in Mississauga. Trex rainescapes being used to keep the deck dry underneith.

When you choose Trex services, you get more.

Trex is the leading composite decking company because:

  • Trex is stain and fade resistant.
  • Trex won’t stain. No stains from bug spray, sunscreen, rubber. Nothing.
  • Trex won’t warp, rot, crack or split.
  • Trex low maintenance decking resists mold, mildew and insects.
  • Trex cleans with simple soap and water.
  • Trex will never cause splinters.
  • No staining due to bug spray or sunscreen.
  • No staining due to rubber products or welcome mats.

This isn’t just capped composite decking for Toronto’s families, it’s an entire system of outdoor living. Trex decking is made form 95% recycled materials, but it still has the deep wood grain you want. Trex is the composite decking company you want to see out your kitchen window every day.

Image of a large Trex RainEscape installation to keep this deck in Mississauga dry
Image of Trex RainEscape installed over Trex Elevations Steel deck framing

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Trex Rain Escapes
TrexPro Platinum Your Deck Company

What does your family value?

If your family values quality, Your Deck Company and Trex is the perfect combination. We are a TrexPro Platinum builder, one of only a few in Canada. It’s the most prestigious designation a builder can reach with Trex, and it means we have the experience and knowledge to build your project to the highest standards. Your deck is our only project. We work with one family at a time to make sure you get the quality, one-on-one attention you want. Never worry about your kids sliding and getting a splinter from the deck, or running too hard into a railing, or your deck frame sagging after a few years of abnormally heavy rain and snow.

We build tens of thousands of square feet of Trex decks every year and know you’ll never shop for another deck again.

Call today to talk about your outdoor living vision and share your ideas. We can’t wait to help bring it to life.


  • Is it expensive?

    The Trex RainEscape system does require an increased budget range for your project and can be considered to be expensive. However we feel that the additional living space that is gained under the deck and the finishing options available make Trex RainEscape an excellent value. In addition, since this system fully protects the structure of your deck, you will also have the benefit of a longer lasting deck.

  • How durable is Trex RainEscape?

    Made with rugged plastic and ultra violet inhibitors, the Trex RainEscape system is extremely durable.

  • What are the benefits of the Trex RainEscape System?

    1. It protects the structural integrity of your deck.

    2. It allows you to create an indoor environment outdoors underneath your deck.

    3. You can install ceiling fans, speakers, lighting, video electronics and furniture that will be safe from the elements.

  • Are you experienced installing Trex RainEscape?

    Yes. Your Deck Company has been trained and is experience installing all of the Trex products. We are a certified TrexPro Platinum installer. We have installed the Trex RainEscape system for countless projects.

  • Did you help with the development of Trex RainEscape?

    Yes. After numerous installations, Todd Mounsey the owner of Your Deck Company saw an area of the system that needed improvement. Due to our extensive relationship and long history with Trex, it was easy for Todd to reach out to the Trex team and discuss his ideas for the development of additional products to improve on the Trex RainEscape system.

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