TV Appearances.

Since 1986, as a trusted deck expert, Your Deck Company has had the pleasure of working alongside numerous industry professionals on and off TV. Since 1998, We have worked on 10 different TV shows and have been featured in over 40 different episodes. We are often called upon to work on these different shows due to our integrity, dedication and experience. We especially enjoy contributing to the episodes where we are able to donate our time, materials and ideas to help enhance the lives of different families. Please feel free to browse this small sampling of some of the shows we have appeared on.

Tori & Dean - Cabin Fever

Working on the show Cabin Fever with Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott was a unique experience for the entire crew. I received a call one day from a client by the name of Tori. I had little information on who the client was, only that it was for a new TV show. So, I arrived at the location and to my surprise the clients were Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. Tori then proceeds to tell me “I hear you are the guy that can pull this project together!” I proceed to tell her “Well that really depends on what this project is about.” After a brief chat and overview of the show, we decide this project will be a great fit for everyone involved. The Your Deck Company team then stocked up on bug spray and spent the summer working alongside Tori and Dean rebuilding a cottage up in the woods of Ontario, Canada. Topping it all off with a big birthday celebration for one of their children.

Tackle My Reno

Yet another fun show with a great host. Sebastian Clovis was a pleasure to work with on and off set. However, to our surprise, a year or so later we ended up working together again on an episode of  The Marilyn Denis Show. As the industry trusted deck expert, the Your Deck Company Team was called upon for our professionalism and knowledge.

Marilyn Denis Show

Since 2011, Your Deck Company has had the pleasure of working with The Marilyn Denis Show. Today, we still continue to create stunning backyard makeovers with Owen Reeves and the Marilyn Denis team. As a result, over the years we have been featured on numerous outdoor projects for the show. Many of the projects we are involved with are considered to be feature episodes. We have recreated backyards for episodes involving Wedding Engagements, Single moms battling health issues, bad contractors, small spaces and tornado devastation in Goderich Ontario. Working with Marilyn Denis is one of our favourite shows to work on. We are proud to be the go to deck expert for the Marilyn Denis Show. While her show provides us with the opportunity to assist families from all walks of life. We are also able to donate the time of our crew, machinery and materials in order to provide a little help to families in need. The Marilyn Denis Show always challenges us with tight timelines and fast paced filming schedules. However, Marilyn has an incredible crew that is always professional and makes the entire process enjoyable.

Love It or List It

We were involved with the Love it or List it show right from the opening season. Our filming with the show lasted through its entire 6 seasons of filming in Ontario. However, eventually the filming of the show was moved to the United States. We were involved with countless episodes of the show. The Your Deck Company team was always called upon for any episode that involved a deck or outdoor space. Our dedication, integrity and experience was something the show could always count on.

Bryan Inc.

Working with a professional like Bryan Baeumler is always a pleasure. We first worked with Bryan in 2016 on his show Bryan Inc. We were called upon to install GoliathTech helical screw piles for different projects that Bryan was creating on the show. A few of the installations were for multiple decks and a large storage shed. Demanding quality, Bryan is a professional that understands the differences between GoliathTech and other screw piles on the market today.

Backyard Builds

The hosts, Bryan McCourt and Sarah Keenleyside of Backyard Builds are fun and upbeat to work with. The Your Deck Company Team was called in to assist with several episodes of this fun new show. As the deck expert, we had the pleasure of constructing a few decks for different episodes. Working with tight timelines and fast paced filming schedules is one of our areas of expertise when it comes to decks for TV.


Since our early beginning, Your Deck Company has been featured in, and on the cover of, well over 50 different magazines. As an industry trusted deck expert, we have also enjoyed publishing several articles on topics surrounding the construction industry. Please feel free to look through this small sampling of a few of the magazines we have been featured in.

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Your Deck Company featured in Holmes Magazine.
Your Deck Company feature deck building
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Your Deck featured in Lifestyle Magazine
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Article featuring Your Deck Company
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Your Deck Company on the cover
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3 decks by Your Deck Co.
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Deck and Gazebo on the cover of Canadian Home Workshop
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So long ago. Time flies.
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Your Deck on the cover.
Your Deck Company
One of our first magazine cover shots. So long ago.
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Trex deck feature article
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