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At Your Deck Company, we know we have done our job if our customers receive an effortless experience. From the initial deck consultation to the creation of your project, we will guide you every step of the way and make the process as professional and easy as possible. We understand the disruptions caused by a construction project, so we aim to keep any intrusion on your family time and space to an absolute minimum. Over the years we have refined our process to help assist you, and guide us, towards a pleasant construction experience.


Our consultation starts with you. We know you’ve looked at pictures on the Internet. Perhaps it’s a neighbour’s deck that got you thinking. Whatever the case, we want to hear all about your great ideas and how you want to utilize your outdoor space. After an initial call, we will come out to your place to see your space and discuss your deck project.

After 35 plus years of deck building, we have heard a lot of amazing ideas and built a lot of creative decks. We utilize our deep deck building experience to help you bring your ideas into reality. We will educate you on a wide variety of building and finishing options and then help you chose the best ones to meet your needs. We will also measure up your property while we are there. Our goal is to make your deck experience pleasant. After all, you are building a place to relax and have fun on and the last thing we want is for the construction phase to be anything short of enjoyable.



During the deck consultation process, we will also discuss budgets with you for the project. Once you provide us with some insight into your deck project and the materials you prefer, we can provide you with an idea of the investment necessary for the project. To move forward with the design process, we will first need to have an idea of what will be a comfortable investment range for you.

Why do we ask you for a budget?

Determining a budget reduces stress and is a key element to achieving a successful project. Too often, clients are leery about providing a budget as they feel the contractor will take advantage of them by overcharging. If you are dealing with a reputable contractor, it’s quite the opposite. Your budget tells us what you are comfortable spending and it is our job to figure out how to make your dream come true within those constraints. After you obtain the deck design and pricing proposal, you can then determine if you wish to spend the entire budget, scale back or in many cases add to the investment.


Deck Design & 3D Visualization

At Your Deck Co. we offer full photo realistic 3D deck and landscape design services as well as virtual walkthroughs of your project. Once we have discussed your project, ideas, investment range and materials, it is time to move forward with the visualization of your project. All our projects are designed by TV personality and award winning deck designer Todd Mounsey. Todd will create a beautiful fully detailed, scale rendering of your project including suggested home and deck furnishings. You will be able to visualize your project from every angle and have the option to have a virtual walkthrough of the space. Included in our deck design service is the option to see your space using the selected materials and colours chosen for your deck. From concept to creation we can visually guide you through your project. Want to make changes? Not a problem. We can show you alternative designs or make changes to the deck design until we get it perfect for you.

At Your Deck Co. we offer several different levels of design services. Feel free to contact us today to discuss our fees and which design package may be best suited to you.



After we have finalized the design, materials and project costs, the next step is to have you sign off on the scope of work. At this point we well review any special needs you may have during the construction process. We will make note of any timeline requirements for special events that you may have. We will also take notes on any material storage requests, movement of outdoor furniture, access, parking, and other items such as existing landscaping requirements. We will also take the time to discuss any other questions or concerns you may have prior to the start of your project.


Once we have completed the design and you have signed off on the contract for your project, we then submit your deck plans, structural and foundation layouts to our licensed engineer for review. Additionally, we only use GoliathTech helical screw piles as the foundations of your project (unless our equipment does not fit). In keeping with our promise to only offer the best products to our clients, GoliathTech screw piles are fully engineered for every one of our projects, they are engineered, building-code approved and they are by far the superior screw pile foundation on the market today. GoliathTech foundations are guaranteed to resist frost heave and are rated for full uplift and compression loading. At Your Deck Company we feel that even the smallest details are important and so do our engineers.



With all the details and paperwork out of the way, let the construction begin. Our full-time staff will arrive at your home and you will be introduced to the crew. Our foreman has been with us since 1996 and he will take the time to answer any questions that you may have before and during construction. Any necessary materials will be moved into the space and work will commence. At the end of each day, the worksite is left tidy. Upon completion of your deck, all excess materials and debris will be removed and disposed of for you. Your space is now ready for you to enjoy!!!

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