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At Your Deck Co. we consider the foundation supporting our structures to be the most important item to consider when we undertake a project. Gone are the days of using concrete pillars to support your deck. At Your Deck Company we are so happy with the results and quality of the GoliathTech helical screw piles, that we are offering these screw piles standard on all of the decks we construct. We were tired of the issues with traditional concrete such as frost heave and deterioration. We simply demanded something better for our clients and the quality of projects we undertake.

GoliathTech Helical screw piles offer an accurate load bearing capacity, thermal insulation, faster installation, minimal property damage and zero chance of frost heave. Most of all, the entire GoliathTech system is fully ACQ approved for contact with treated lumber. This is critical to avoid premature failure of any metal component on your deck. There are many manufacturers of these proven helical foundations, some even claiming to be the world leaders. GoliathTech does not claim to be a world leader however they do claim to make the strongest and highest-quality screw pile product on the market today and Your Deck Company could not agree more.

Image of a GoliathTech helical screw pile used for a deck foundation

Why Choose GoliathTech.

GoliathTech is a fully engineered deep foundation alternative to concrete piers that is CCMC approved under the Ontario Building code. To ensure that ONLY Goliathtech trained staff work on our projects, we decided to purchase the GoliathTech Helical Screw Pile franchise and use them for all the projects we construct. Through our research and education, Your Deck Co. believes that GoliathTech screw piles are not only the highest quality helical pile on the market today, they are far superior to using traditional concrete.

  • No frost heave.
  • G 185 Galvanization ACQ approved for use with Treated lumber.
  • Code compliant for mandatory uplift requirement.
  • Thermally insulated.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Minimal damage to root systems.
  • Engineered.
  • 30 year warranty.
  • Faster and cleaner.
  • More accurate than concrete.
  • Building code approved.
  • No on-site welds.
  • Patented head connection system.


  • What is a helical screw pile?

    Simply put it is a steel pipe foundation that resembles a large metal cork screw that is torqued into the earth using specialized equipment. This large metal screw replaces the use of traditional concrete foundations and sonotubes. This system provides a stronger, more accurate, reliable, cleaner, environmentally friendly and faster foundation that will not heave due to frost. The foundation for any deck project is the most important part and GoliathTech Helical piles are the best foundations we have ever used.

  • Is GoliathTech a better foundation?

    The short answer is YES! We tested numerous helical piles as an alternative to concrete foundations for our decks. Then we had to decide on which pile manufacturer to partner with. Concrete was clearly becoming an unreliable foundation for us. Concrete foundations were moving, heaving due to frost and failing. Some of the areas we work in did not have any issues, however areas such as Aurora and Oak Ridges were proving to be problematic with concrete. We needed a reliable solution. We also needed a product that is fully ACQ approved for contact with Treated lumber. ACQ is highly corrosive when in contact with non approved metal.

    Your Deck Co. only wants to offer our clients the best available and proven products at all times. Through our research, training and education we were able to clearly define and understand why GoliathTech is the best screw pile on the market today and far superior to concrete. We tested and researched all the available manufacturers of helical piles in Ontario and clearly determined GoliathTech is the better product. Contact us today and we are happy to chat with you further.

  • What should I look for when thinking of using screw piles?

    Due to the popularity of helical piles, many manufacturers have emerged on the market leading to vast differences in the quality of helical screw piles. As a consumer, there are a few important things to look for when considering using helical screw piles for your deck project.  (to read a more in depth article about this topic please refer to our blog)

    • The first thing you need to consider is if the entire screw pile, extensions, mounting head and connections meet the G 185 standard of HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanizing). G 185 HDG is a mandatory coating requirement for any metal fastener, joist hanger, bracket, helical screw pile, etc… that is in contact with pressure treated lumber. The issue is that the copper that is present in pressure treated lumber is highly corrosive to metals below this level of galvanization ONLY products that are galvanized to G 185 HDG or are Stainless Steel are approved for use with Pressure Treated lumber. This also includes any contact with any on site welding that is commonly done to connect the brackets to the piles, this welded connection will not meet the requirements for use with Pressure Treated lumber.  Also ensure your contractor is not simply using standard zinc coated products as they will rust and potentially fail prematurely.
    • The second and equally critical item you should find out is, how they are connecting the U bracket to the pipe shaft of the pile?  Many manufacturers simply sit the U bracket on the shaft without a physical connection, so your deck can simply be lifted off the piles. This connection is not optional, it is a mandatory part of the Ontario Building Code and must be properly completed. There are 2 methods to connect the U bracket, bolting or welding. If they are welding you need to consider 1. The damage to the galvanization on the pile. 2. The weld will not meet the standards for G185 Hot Dipped Galvanization outlined above 3. They must be a CWB certified welder and have the structural welds inspected by a CWB certified inspector. GoliathTech has a patented head connection system that does not require any on-site welding.
    • The next item to consider, are they CCMC approved and have a Ministers Ruling? Piles that are not CCMC approved do not adhere to the Ontario building code and should not be considered as an option.
    • What is the strength of the steel used for their piles? GoliathTech uses industry leading 60 KSI where others are as low as 40 KSI.
    • Finally, do they ensure that all the pile layouts, loads and pile sizes for your project are stamped by and engineer for your specific project? After completion of installation do they supply an engineer stamped conformity report specifying that the piles were installed to the proper specifications AND that the connections of the pile head to the pile meet the Ontario Building Code.
  • How are Screw Piles installed?

    GoliathTech has multiple machines from full-size excavators down to mini walk behind track units that will fit through a gate or doorway. These machines are outfitted with specialty high-torque anchor drive units to turn the metal screws into the ground. While the screws are being torqued into the ground to a specific value, GoliathTech screw piles are being monitored using a digital torque system that is accurate to within 2%.  All the installation data is stored in our database and easily downloaded onto a USB key to provide to our engineers. Once we are done, you can rest assured that the foundation of your project will not move.

  • Is Your Deck Co. Certified to use GoliathTech Screw Piles?

    Your Deck Company is a certified installer of the GoliathTech Screw Pile system. After all our testing and research, we were so pleased with the performance of GoliathTech that we decided to purchase the GoliathTech Helical Screw Pile franchise and can now confidently offer you the best foundation solution for the decks and numerous other types of structures we create. GoliathTech is fully CCMC approved with a Ministers Ruling for full code-compliant use across Canada.

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