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At Your Deck Company, we undertake decks of all shapes and sizes. We believe that every deck large or small should be treated with the same care and dedication. Therefore, the end result is a space that will be solid, secure and last for decades to come. However, due to the complex nature of the majority of our deck designs, we have chosen to have all of our projects reviewed by our licensed engineer* in the Province of Ontario. We also offer our engineering services to clients outside of the projects we undertake. If you are planning on constructing a deck on your own, we can design the space for you as well as provide fully engineered drawings for you to work from. If you require an engineering for decks, feel free to contact us about the process and associated fees.

*Engineering is performed (subcontracted to) a 3rd party Engineer.

Deck Design & Consultation
Engineered drawing of Trex Elevations steel framing for a deck in Toronto
image of a deck permit plan detailing the structural layout of the deck
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Engineered Foundations.

When it comes to the foundation of our projects, we only offer GoliathTech helical screw piles. Concrete for us is a thing of the past. When using helical piles (under the CCMC regulations), it is required to have an engineered layout of the foundations. This will also include the individual pile loads for each helical pile being installed. After the helical piles are installed, we provide the engineer that stamped the drawing with all of the data that was digitally recorded during the installation of the GoliathTech Helical Piles. Upon receiving the data, the engineer reviews and approves that all of the installation criteria was met. Not only does the engineer specify the required loads for each foundation, we are also careful to ensure that the requirements of the Ontario Building Code are met to prevent uplift. Every GoliathTech helical pile is structurally engineered to have a positive connection between the pile and the U bracket that connects to your project. This connection is not optional, however, you would be surprised how many companies do not make this required connection.

A few items reviewed by an engineer:

  • GoliathTech helical pile foundations.
  • Foundation load and helical pile sizing.
  • Joist sizing, spacing and spans.
  • Beam sizing, spacing and spans.
  • Post sizing and spacing.
  • Connection between the deck and the house.
  • Railing connections.
  • Blocking and spans.
  • Stairs and landings.
  • Railings and glass.
  • Custom features and structures.
  • Privacy walls and screens.
  • Sheds and cabanas.


  • Can I bolt the deck to my brick?

    No. A deck cannot be permanently supported by bolting to the brick veneer on today’s homes. There are multiple approved methods for attaching a deck to a house or structure. These details are provided under the Ontario Building Code.

  • Is engineering necessary for my deck?

    No, not always. However, it depends on the complexity of your project. We will make certain recommendations towards the level of involvement that we expect to see from engineering. In addition, if helical screw piles are used for the foundation of your deck, engineering is required. Your Deck Company has an engineer approve all of our helical screw pile installations.

  • Do I require engineering for my deck permit?

    No not always. That being said, drawings for items such as Helical screw pile foundations must be stamped by a structural engineer for permit submission. Additionally, a stamped conformity report is required after the installation of all helical screw pile foundations. The deck structure and related items can generally just be stamped by a standard BCIN with no need for a licensed engineer to be involved. However we feel that a little extra attention to the details is always a good idea.

  • Do I need engineering for GoliathTech Helical Screw Piles?

    Yes. Each and every deck requires engineering of the foundation layout, load capacity, uplift, pile head connection and the required torque per pile. This is required of every pile manufacturer. The main issue is that almost every helical pile supplier outside of GoliathTech, does not specify any detail for a connection of the helical pile to the U bracket that connects to your deck. The engineering for this detail is seemingly intentionally overlooked by other pile manufacturers?

  • What is a conformity report or compliance letter?

    A conformity report is a document that is provided by the engineer after the project is finished. After completion, the engineer stamped project is reviewed by our engineer and once satisfied a conformity report is issued. The report outlines that the necessary criteria for installation was met and properly installed. This document is especially important when dealing with Helical Screw Pile foundations.

  • How much does engineering cost?

    Depending on the amount of engineering involved and the size of the overall project, engineering can cost between $750 and $1850 and up.

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