A Deck Drainage System Gives Your Family Dry, Covered Living Space, Outdoors.

A rainy day at the cottage doesn’t have to leave you trapped inside. A stormy afternoon doesn’t have to send the party rushing from the great outdoors and into your kitchen. Install a deck drainage system like Trex Rain Escapes and your deck can serve as a watertight roof for your lower level outdoor patio space.

Your Deck Company helped design components of the Trex Rain Escape system, and we know exactly how to make it work with your new Trex deck (and your existing deck too).

An image of a deck finished using Trex RainEscape with a Cedar ceiling and pillars
Trex RainEscape Image of a deck under construction in Mississauga. Trex rainescapes being used to keep the deck dry underneith.

How does it work?

Trex Rain Escapes deck drainage system is an under deck drainage system that keeps anything from dripping through elevated deck boards and onto the patio space below.

  • Hot tub in the rain or snow comfortably.
  • BBQ burgers in a downpour without getting the buns soggy.
  • Read a book on your patio furniture while lightning lights up the sky.

You can create your ideal indoor/outdoor living space the same day you build your ideal deck.

Image of a large Trex RainEscape installation to keep this deck in Mississauga dry
Image of Trex RainEscape installed over Trex Elevations Steel deck framing
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Trex Rain Escapes
TrexPro Platinum Your Deck Company

Easily add square footage to your living space.

A Trex Rain Escapes deck drainage system can be installed on your existing deck too, and tucked away with the soffit or ceiling of your choice.

Your system can include:

  • Downspouts.
  • Troughs.
  • Protection and installation for utilities.
  • Neutral colours to blend with most decking.
  • Can extend the life of your deck frame.
  • Increases living space under the deck.
  • Can add lighting under the deck.
  • Variety of options to finish your ceiling.
  • Can be used for dry storage under a deck.
  • Can increase your time outside due to rain.

During the deck design and consultation process with our team, ask about design options including large spaces for a deck drainage system and see what grabs your interest.

And ask about the other Trex services we offer. If you’re interested in the best deck for your family, with ow maintenance and long, long life, you can’t go wrong.

Call to talk about your family’s ideal deck and get a quote on your new outdoor living space today.


  • Is it expensive?

    The Trex RainEscape system does require an increased budget range for your project and can be considered to be expensive. However we feel that the additional living space that is gained under the deck and the finishing options available make Trex RainEscape an excellent value. In addition, since this system fully protects the structure of your deck, you will also have the benefit of a longer lasting deck.

  • How durable is Trex RainEscape?

    Made with rugged plastic and ultra violet inhibitors, the Trex RainEscape system is extremely durable.

  • What are the benefits of the Trex RainEscape System?

    1. It protects the structural integrity of your deck.

    2. It allows you to create an indoor environment outdoors underneath your deck.

    3. You can install ceiling fans, speakers, lighting, video electronics and furniture that will be safe from the elements.

  • Are you experienced installing Trex RainEscape?

    Yes. Your Deck Company has been trained and is experience installing all of the Trex products. We are a certified TrexPro Platinum installer. We have installed the Trex RainEscape system for countless projects.

  • Did you help with the development of Trex RainEscape?

    Yes. After numerous installations, Todd Mounsey the owner of Your Deck Company saw an area of the system that needed improvement. Due to our extensive relationship and long history with Trex, it was easy for Todd to reach out to the Trex team and discuss his ideas for the development of additional products to improve on the Trex RainEscape system.

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